A Few Signs Your Heating System May Be Out Of Whack

At this time of year, Ontario weather is unpredictable. One day we’re all bundled in scarves and parkas, dodging the rain and frigid wind. The next we’re throwing open the windows, shedding layers of sweats and revelling in the unseasonable warmth (welcome back, heatwave).

But that flippy flopping is going to give way to the region’s characteristic frost before you know it, and if you don’t want to be left with cold feet (or hands, arms, noses, etc), you need to figure out if your furnace and heating system is up to snuff.

The smart homeowners practice year round HVAC maintenance, but even the most diligent do-it-yourselfers can forget a step here or there. How can you tell if something is off about your heating system? Pay attention to this:

Clanks, Bangs & Bumps In The Night
When the proverbial well-oiled machine is running smoothly, it usually makes little to no sound, which means when you hear something off. From a loose screw to a bent motor blade, any unusual sounds from the belly of the beast is likely a great indicator that something is amiss with the mechanics, and can only make the situation worse if left unattended.

In the absence of other heating problems around the home (draughty doors and windows, etc), a furnace that runs continuously, shuts on and off, or blows cold air when it should be blowing hot is going to need to be replaced, as it’s incapable of keeping up with the demand of warming your home efficiently.

A Utility Bill That’s Higher Than Normal
Even if you don’t regularly monitor the ups and downs of your heating bill, if you notice a marked increase in your gas or electric usage from one billing period to the next, it may be a result of an inefficient furnace. Over time and subject to normal wear a tear, a furnace becomes less efficient, especially if you don’t keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. An inefficient furnace will have to run longer in order to keep up with the demands of heating your home, which means it’s going to need more juice and end up costing you.

Uneven Heating Across Rooms
A furnace that is in good working condition will heat all the rooms in your home evenly. Alternatively, a furnace that is ready to bite the dust is going to struggle to bring and keep all rooms at the set temperature. When you notice some rooms in your home are warmer (or cooler) than others, it might be time for a new one.

Your Heating System Is Over 15 Years Old
Even a heating system that has worked perfectly for years is going to need replacing one day, and if yours has reached the standard expiration date – about 15 years – you should consider an upgrade. When it’s time to put your old heating system out to pasture, we can help. Contact us today for more information about Link Home Services, and whether it is right for you and your family.

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