5 Reasons to Replace Old Windows with New Ones

 If you have been living in your old home for years now, chances are, you’d be needing replacement windows pretty soon. We know you love your original window with its wood framing, but the truth is, it may have been sucking too much energy for years now and that wood frame is probably requiring some sort of repair, too.


We understand your hesitation, even if the need for a replacement is more than obvious by now. You are naturally concerned about how the new windows can totally alter the look of your home. You might also be thinking that it’s going to cost you a lot and that the energy savings of these new windows could not possibly compensate for that cost anytime soon.


Here we present you with the top reasons why you should replace your old windows:

  1. On top of the rebates that some utility companies offer for those with energy-efficient windows, getting your old ones replaced with more energy-efficient windows can significantly lower your bills. This is because your home will have better insulation – meaning lesser heat loss during winter. Your air conditioner also wouldn’t have to work so hard.


  1. Efficient windows use less energy, decreasing your usage of valuable resources. When a home upgrades to more energy efficient replacement windows like the ones from George Kent Home Improvements, it also contributes in the cause to help the environment recover by minimizing its carbon footprint.


  1. Your old windows could be manufactured from toxic materials. It was not uncommon for window frames to be coated with lead-based paint years ago. Now, vinyl replacement windows eliminate that possible exposure to harmful substances.


  1. You can open and shut new windows more easily. Admit it or not, there are times that you find the simple task of opening a window frustrating. As years pass, windows can get warped and become wedged, keeping them from opening easily. With new windows, you can easily enjoy fresh air with ease.


  1. It is true that your current windows used to match the original style of your home. But you have probably had some upgrades done and you might have had walls repainted. In such case, old-fashioned windows could look a tad out of place. Complete the look of your home by getting new windows that are more coordinated with your home’s updated look.


George Kent Home Improvements offers an array of Energy Star Certified windows that have everything that you are looking for! Additionally, you are given the option to customize your windows to make sure that your preferences are met.


If you are ready to get replacement windows, give us a call and we’d happily give you all the information you need to know about our products and services!



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