3 Current Trends in Roofing Materials

Much like fashion, music, and film, the construction industry is also subject to trends. The 2010s have brought several housing trends that have already come and gone in recent years, with many remnants still seen throughout neighborhoods across the country.

Below are some of the current trends that we are seeing emerging in the types of roofing materials that are being used.

1. Cool Roofs

After having to deal with either sweltering levels of heat, or extremely high energy bills from air conditioning usage in the summertime for many decades, the public is now starting to become more proactive when it comes to temperature moderation.

One popular way that this is being done is through the use of something called cool roofs. These unique rooftops are able to repel the sunlight with a unique mixture of light-coloured reflective paint, white glue, and gravel mixture. This greatly reduces how much heat is absorbed by your home or business during those hot summer months.

2. Asphalt

While this may be a surprising inclusion on the list, considering that it is not at all a new item in the roofing industry, it has become significantly more popular in recent months.

Rather than trying to invest in one of the new, emerging roofing materials that are slowly being introduced into the marketplace, many individuals have decided to stick to the tried and true – asphalt. Asphalt is often used for its extremely high level of durability and low maintenance requirements.


Once again, this is another item that is not new to the roofing industry, but how it is being used has changed in recent months. Whereas metal roofing has been used on commercial buildings for years, it has largely remained absent from the residential areas.

However, now more and more individuals are choosing this material for their homes thanks to its extremely long-lasting attributes that allow it to withstand basically any weather conditions that can be thrown at it.

Not to mention that metal roofs are available in styles that make it extremely hard to tell that they are metal, and they possess a reflective property that greatly reduces heat absorption compared to other roofing materials.

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