What You Should Know about the Enerview Neat® Glass

If you are still one of those homeowners who is required to climb a ladder just for you to be able to clean your windows, then you clearly have not heard of Enerview Neat® glass yet. Thanks to advanced technology and experts who keep finding ways to make things easier for every homeowner, there are now convenient solutions for maintaining homes. Enerview Neat® glass is one of these solutions and it is a new glass coating that helps keep windows clean.


How Enerview Neat® Glass Works

First produced by a residential glass manufacturing company named Cardinal, Enerview Neat® glass uses a coating applied to the glass during its production process (also known as “sputtering”) that significantly reduces the need for frequent exterior window cleaning. The coating gives the glass a super-smooth surface and it reacts with the sun’s UV rays chemically, thus causing organic materials on the glass to decompose. When it rains, the decomposed dirt then washes away because it no longer clings to the glass.


Enerview Neat® glass is very smooth. It comes with a thin layer of silicon dioxide so water disperses evenly or sheets off and evaporates quickly. This means that your window will not only be cleaner, it will actually be nearly spotless!


Another great benefit that you can get if you have Enerview Neat® glass in your windows is that it helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer – all because it is fabricated with Cardinal’s low-emissivity coatings. The surface of an Enerview Neat® glass can last a lifetime. It is also completely invisible, so there will be no impediment to visibility!


You Can Have Your Own Style

At George Kent Home Improvements Ltd., the Enerview Neat® glass comes standard with all our window packages. So, if you are looking to update your windows, then you would be happy to know that we provide a wide array of styles and colours that you can choose from! We can also match any existing decor exterior or colour that will best suit your taste and your needs. Another great deal? We provide a lifetime warranty on our products!


Frequently Asked Questions about Enerview Neat® Glass

“When will the Enerview Neat® glass start working?”

It usually takes up to two weeks for the Enerview Neat® glass to become activated. It relies on the UV rays coming from the sun to charge up the coating.


“Can’t I have Low-E glass if I have Enerview Neat® glass?”

You definitely can! The NEAT coating is placed on the outside surface of your window so it can be combined with other glazing options such as LoE-272, LoE-366, or i89.


“Do I have to scrub my windows if it has not rained for weeks?”

Not at all! If there has been no rain, all you need to do is spray your windows with some water and that will activate the coating. No scrubbing is required!

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