NEAT Glass – What It Is & Why It’s Neat!

Clean the windows? Don’t you wish you could say, “I don’t do that.”? Well, now you can, if you install NEAT Glass – windows that practically clean themselves!

NEAT® Glass is a patented coating that comes standard with every George Kent window installation. The coating, applied at the time of manufacture, is activated by ultra violet rays from the sun, and designed to break down organic materials and other airborne particles that can leave your windows looking dusty and dirty.

When rain hits plain glass, droplets of water bead up, but when rain hits the smooth surface of NEAT glass, the water sheets off. Where plain glass gets dirtier as the rain drops dry, rain water sheets off NEAT Glass, leaving behind a cleaner window. Even during overcast weather, UV rays continue to activate NEAT Glass’s patented sheeting action, resulting in a cleaner, nearly spotless window every time.

Overtime, exterior windows see a build of carbon based organic materials, like dust, resins, bird droppings, and finger prints, but even this stubborn grime is no match for the patented NEAT glass coating, and it washes away with the next rain fall.

George Kent windows also feature a Fly Maze to keep pesky insects out of your home, primed FG jambs and casing trim, and an option for maintenance-free vinyl trim that saves you from the time consuming process of scraping and painting new frames. All of our products are Energy Star Certified to Northern Canada specifications and will keep your home warm, even on the coldest of days.

Our installers are highly skilled experts with over 10 years of experience, and “Window Wise” certified. We put your needs first.

Check out our video here! 


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