How to Control Humidity for a Lower AC Bill

Humidity is something that some homeowners tend to overlook when in fact it actually matters than you probably believe it to. Find out how your current air conditioner could be letting you down and what solution is available for you to lessen future costs and improve your home life!
Air conditioning has been too deeply rooted in our lives that it’s hard to imagine what it was like without it. However, even today when ACs are as high-end and effective as they can be, an air conditioner is still behind one vital factor – controlling humidity. If your AC is not removing sufficient moisture from the air in your house, it could compromise your comfort, your bills, and even your health!


If you have heard of dehumidifiers, then you should know that they are designed to be incorporated into your air conditioning system to help control humidity in your home. Reducing the level of humidity can help eliminate and prevent the need for excess air conditioning and in extension higher utility costs. When you raise your thermostat level, you also save money on your bills.


You can opt for portable humidifiers but before you decide on getting portables for your home, there are things you should consider. One is that you are going to need more than one unit – perhaps one for each room of your house. They would require weekly cleaning to avoid moulds and really careful maintenance as most portable dehumidifier last for just one or two seasons. They should also be turned on or off as needed as they can’t monitor humidity levels.


You can also choose to go for a whole-house dehumidification system to accomplish so much more. Controlling moisture in a room improves the quality of air itself. That is something to consider as some people have problem breathing moist air. Add to that the fact that bacteria and viruses spread more easily when there is excessive humidity in a room.


When you feel hot, you would lower the thermostat level of your AC. That would raise your energy costs. A whole-house dehumidifier would let you use less air conditioning while maintaining the cool temperature. They work automatically so you need not worry about turning it on or off. They are also engineered and manufactured to last you for years, similar to your AC unit.


Now that you know how to control humidity in your house, you can expect your AC bills to be lower and you can confidently invite your friends to your home, knowing they’ll be as comfortable as you are!



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