Five Signs Your Home Needs a New Siding


Here’s one for irony: the factors that make having home exterior siding a necessity are the same factors that cause its damage and deterioration in the long run. Yes, it’s true. You install siding to protect our homes from extreme heat and cold, harsh wind, strong rains, and more. These weather elements also threaten the integrity of your siding.

Of course, if you have high-quality siding like the ones from George Kent Home Improvements, you can enjoy strong and beautiful siding for decades. But a lot of older homes now probably have siding that is already needing replacement.

If you are unsure about whether or not your siding needs replacement, here are some signs that tell you your siding has reached the end of its lifespan:

Oh, Rots!

If your siding shows signs of crumbling and rotting, then it’s probably not up to the job you need it to do. This is especially so if the rot has already spread all across the interior. Make sure that when you replace it, you go with a material that is rot-resistant, like the sturdy vinyl siding you can get from George Kent Home Improvements.

Crack Attack!

Aside from being unsightly, cracks, holes, and gaps are not only compromising the aesthetics of your home but also its structural integrity. Having gaps and cracks means moisture, as well as insects and even critters, can find their way in. And all these are all potentially damaging.

Maintenance Monster

Do you spend most of your weekends performing maintenance tasks for your exterior siding? Perhaps it is time that you find a more low-maintenance replacement for it. Vinyl is an excellent choice because it’s practically maintenance-free! You won’t even have to refinish or repaint it every few years like wood.

Marks of Mold

Inspection should be done not only outside but also inside your home. Are there any signs of moisture build-up on the walls like mildew, mold, or rot? If you want to be sure that your siding is the reason behind these signs, call a reliable siding contractor from George Kent Home Improvements who will be able to tell you what’s really going on.

Bills, Bills, Sky-rocketing Bills!

Are you wondering why your bills are escalating? Even when there are no obvious signs of damage, there might still be subtle indications of substandard performance from your siding. You might feel drafts near the windows or walls.

If you notice these signs, a change of siding is really in order. When you’re ready, George Kent Home Improvements can be there to provide you with the best vinyl siding that can offer reliable weather protection, better energy efficiency, and amazing curb appeal! Call us now!

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