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Richmond Hill’s Best Roofing & Window Company

Everyone has a dream house. It may be an incredible mansion in an exclusive area. It could be a simple bungalow in a quiet neighbourhood. Whatever your dream house may be, for sure you have everything pictured in detail, down to the welcome mat in front of your door. Unfortunately, not everyone gets their dream house. Sometimes all you get is a house and at times, even a nightmare.

We know how expensive real estate properties are nowadays. That’s why a lot of people settle for less than what their expectations and desires. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream house though. You can always work on achieving that slowly. That’s what home improvement projects are for. And that’s what George Kent is for.

If you are from Richmond Hill, then you must already know that when it comes to renovating houses, George Kent Home Improvement is the company of choice. You can’t find anyone better in the industry.

Our company, which goes way back to 1949 when we opened, upholds an incomparable standard when it comes to the quality of our products and services. Proof of that are the 80,000+ installations that we have already performed – the same number of times homeowners have trusted us of course.

What is George Kent known for?

First and foremost we are known for the world-class quality of the products that we carry. For example, our own label of windows – Enerview, has some of the most incredible features you will ever find in a window unit.

Back then, homeowners could only wish for their windows to stop collecting dust or if they can’t help it, at least clean themselves. We, at George Kent Richmond Hill, are happy to say that our windows actually do. Powered by Solar Activated technology, a Neat Glass window can clean itself. Now, that is neat! Right?

Aside from that, our windows have the fly maze which will keep insects from entering your home. They are also Energy Star certified. They come with primed jambs and casing trims or a vinyl trim package so you can say goodbye to tedious painting.

The styles of windows we have available are bay windows, bow windows, casement windows, awning windows, sliding windows, and more. You can also ask to customize your windows so they would better reflect your style and personality. We have eight standard colours available for the glass ad some even have intricate designs.

Our complete roofing system is also of the highest quality, coming only from the best in the industry. We specialize in flat roofing and shingle roofing. We also offer lifetime warranty on both material and labour. That’s not something any competitor can actually offer. 

The installation of our complete roofing system includes leak barriers, roof deck protection, proper insulation and ventilation, attic assessment, blown-in insulation, and sprayfoam insulation. We also do roof inspections and exceed all codes.  

Who represent George Kent Home Improvements?

Not all handymen can be a part of the strong team George Kent takes pride on. Our roofers are factory trained by GAF. We are also a member of the Master Elite certified contractors. You should know that only about two percent of the contractors in Canada qualify for this really elite certification.

Our window installers are also very well trained. All of them have more than ten years of experience in this field. They are also Window Wise certified.

But our people are not only known for those qualifications. Even more than the efficiency we always observe, our beloved clients know and trust that when they ask for George Kent Home Improvements’ services, they’d get courteous, polite, and friendly professionals working in their home.

Our men are honest with their opinion. Whenever a customer requests for an assessment to be done, we ensure that we answer your questions truthfully. We do not just suggest to do replacements if we see that repairs would do. We listen to our clients and we always take into consideration their ideas and preferences. We also value your time. That is why aside from doing your home improvement project as quickly as possible, we also clean up after. That is right! You do not need to deal with any messes in our workspace, because what we want is for you to relax and just take in the improvements we have done to your home.

A person’s dream house doesn’t need to be THE dream house when you purchase it. It would be much more satisfying if you work hard for each part of the house to slowly contribute to the home of your dreams. We can do your windows first. Or maybe you prefer to have your roofing replaced. Either way, George Kent in Richmond Hill can provide you with the best solutions delivered by the best people. Let’s build your dream house slowly. Call us now!

George Kent's head office is located in Mississauga but these are the areas we service in the GTA