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Pickering’s Top Choice for Home Improvements

Home improvement projects are a lot of fun. There are countless instructional videos that you can watch online, all boasting of the easiest way to repair your windows, or maybe, a step-by-step guide to replacing your doors. Everything seems so simple and the products they offer are really inexpensive too, so you go ahead and bring out the handyman in you. Things are fine, except the door you got is different from the one you ordered. You repaired your window all right, and it works, as long as you keep it shut. DIY home improvements, while they can be so exciting, can also be frustrating or worse, disappointing.

That is why when thinking of doing any repairs or home improvement projects, it is more advisable to leave it to the hands of those who do it best. If you’re from Pickering or any nearby area, that would be George Kent Home Improvements.

Considered a pioneer in the industry, the company began in 1949. 65 years and 80,000 installations later, homeowners from all over the GTA still trust the name George Kent when it comes to product quality and service excellence. For your home, we can provide the best products, including:

Unique Windows

When we say unique windows, we do not just mean different shapes and varying colours, although of course we do have that. More than that though, we offer the option of EnerView neat Glass coating- activated by sunlight and can easily break down dust and other organic materials, giving you a cleaner surface.

With laminated sound reduction glass which is another option for our windows, you are assured of glass that is basically 12 times stronger than your usual panes. That translates to sound reduction improved by about 25%, as well as reduced ultraviolet rays. Say goodbye to unwanted guests and noisy neighbours and hello to peace of mind and a restful slumber.

Customizable Doors

You have always hated how most doors look the same. You know that what you want for your home is a door that stands out from the rest of the houses around. Of course, you need it to be of premium quality too. How about creating your design for your door, then making use of our Energy Star rated materials? We can give you our insulated steel and fiberglass doors with decorative glass and the colour of your choice. You can also have enclosures, garden doors, patio doors, and storm doors made and installed. Whatever kind of door you choose, you can be sure to have the best one in Pickering.

Top Quality Complete Roof Systems

With the kind of weather we have, we understand how crucial it is for every homeowner to have roofing that you can depend on.  So we offer installation of a complete roof system that is inclusive of roof deck protection, proper ventilation and insulation, and leak barriers. As part of our service, we also do rood inspection, as well as a full assessment of your attic.

This work is performed by factory trained professionals with over 10 years of experience in the roofing industry, backed by a Certified Master Elite Contractor with an A+ rating from BBB. If that’s not enough, we are throwing in a lifetime warranty on both labour and material. We carry an array of shingles in different styles and colours to choose from.

Incredible Insulation

In Pickering and its neighbouring areas, we also specialize in various types of insulation. That includes attic, basement, spray foam, and blown insulation, among others. Using the high end technologies and the latest products of BASF and Owens Corning, we also provide rigid exterior wall insulation.

We can always perform an assessment of your attic’s insulation and give you our honest opinion about how well it is doing its job. With your approval, we can also re-insulate your attic if you are having your roofing system replaced by us.  Your family can benefit from quality insulation greatly.

Remarkable Vinyl Siding

The Consumers’ Choice Award for the Best Siding Company in the GTA that we now have under our belt is more than enough proof of the quality of the product and service that we offer.

Choosing a siding is a serious feat. After all, we are selecting a unit that should be able to deliver effective prevention of moisture and contaminants like dust mites, bacteria, and mould. More than that, a good siding also lends a fresh and clean look to your house. Vinyl siding is an excellent choice because of its remarkable features.

Because colour permeates its entire panel, a vinyl siding’s colour won’t peel, chip, or blister. It’s dent and weather- resistant as well. On top of that, it is very easy to install over existing sidewalls. Its maintenance is pretty simple and straightforward too.

We have a limited collection of aluminum siding in a variety of colours ad profiles available in Pickering too. It is perfect for homeowners who prefer clean lines while getting reliable protection against extreme weather conditions.

There are a lot of DIY projects that you can do around your home. But for more important parts of your house like windows, doors, roofs, and siding, better entrust the job to the expert. George Kent Home Improvements can provide clients from Pickering with a free quote. Call us now!

George Kent's head office is located in Mississauga but these are the areas we service in the GTA