Our Process

Step 1: Preparation

During our preparation stage we install boards, tarps and plywood. We take every precaution to insure your home, your neighbours home, your gardens and bushes are all protected while the job is in process.

We will remove all existing roofing material into a supplied bin right down to the roof deck. An average roof weighs 9,000 lbs and uses 12,000 nails.

Step 2: Installation

The installation phase includes the installation of the leak barrier around the perimeter of the roof. The next step is to install the underlayment to protect the roof deck.

A typical valley after 10 years will show varying levels of deterioration. A typical George Kent valley will not show signs of deterioration and carries the same warranty as the rest of the roof.

Step 3: Ventilation

Proper ventilation is a major component of a properly installed roof. Here you can see the effects of proper ventilation vs improper ventilation. Notice the ice formation on the part of the roof with improper ventilation.

The building code identifies what the ventilation requirements are and how to properly work out the number and placement for roofing ventilation.


Step 4: Flashing

We replace all flashing including wall flashing, step & counter flashing, chimney flashing and plumbing stack flashing.

Step 5: Final Cleanup

Once we're done we do a complete cleanup. The old roofing material is taken away, protective equipment is removed and we perform a magnetic sweep of the lawns, gardens and driveway.

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