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Newmarket’s No. 1 Roofing & Window Company

Is your home as comfortable as it was ten years ago? If you answer yes, you are very lucky indeed. Everyone knows with the kind of weather we have, it is very challenging to keep houses looking their best. At one point or another, a window would break, a shingle would be carried by the wind, the door would not appear as welcoming as it used to, and you would be tired of all this and want some home improvements done.

If you are from Newmarket, then you already know who to call when it comes to home improvement projects. George Kent is a name that is synonymous to high quality. It’s the name that gained the trust of Canadians 65 years ago when it opened in 1949, and it’s the same name everybody trusts to deliver the best repairs and renovations.

We, at George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. understand that our clients have stayed loyal to us over the years not only because of the top notch products that we offer. Our strong team of qualified professionals plays a big part in our success and in our clients’ confidence in us.

All the members of our team, from our door and window installers to our roofers have field experience of more than ten years. Our roofers are factory trained by the manufacturer of the roof brand we carry. We are members of the Master Elite contractors, who are the best of the best in Canada. We have Window Wise Certified installers too. Aside from their professional qualifications, our people are known for their courtesy and respect for all our clients, working in collaboration with them to make sure we achieve the end result they have in mind. Our clients in the past love that we take care of them from the moment of planning their home improvements to cleaning up everything once we’re done. That’s not something our competitors do.

To show you how much we trust and believe in our products and services, we offer lifetime warranties on both materials and labour. Yes, that’s a lifetime, and that’s certainly more than the five years most of our competitors can offer.

Now let’s see what we can help you with.

Does your roof need repairing? Are you having trouble with excessive energy costs because of poor ventilation in your attic? Are you missing any shingles from your roof? Do you sometimes experience leakage in your attic? If you answer yes to any of these then it means your roof needs repair at the very least or even a complete replacement.

George Kent Home Improvements can send men to visit your home in Newmarket. We will do a thorough checking of your roof and attic and give you an honest opinion as to what is the best solution for your roofing condition.

Should you decide to have your roof replaced, you could choose from a very wide range of products in different colours. When we install a complete roof system for you, you will have leak barriers, roof deck protection, and proper ventilation in your attic. We will inspect your roof and assess your attic thoroughly to make sure we address all your concerns. Sprayfoam and fberglass blown-in insulation are also included in the complete roof system package.

We can also take a look at your windows. Is there a broken glass? Do you get disturbed by outside noises all the time? Perhaps getting new windows is the best option for you. We have an array of windows of different styles available for you. We have awning windows, casement windows, bow windows, bay windows, single hung and double hung windows, and sliding windows, among others. We also customize windows according to your preference. We have eight standard colours that you can choose from. You can match these custom windows with others or have them on their own.

Our private label called Enerview has very unique features that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. For one, the Neat Glass feature is so high- end that the glass cleans itself. The Fly Maze feature keeps any insect from entering your home. All our windows are also Energy Star certified. You can get our free vinyl trim package so there will be no need for you to paint again.

Aside from roofing and window installations, we also repair and install doors, as well as vinyl and aluminum sidings. We also handle insulation projects.

As years pass, no matter how much you try to take care of it, your house will show signs of wear, mainly because of the kind of weather we have. But you should not worry about it too much, because as long as George Kent Home Improvements is here, you know there will always be a team ready to help you fix and improve your home anytime you need it.  Call us and let’s talk about your options. 

George Kent's head office is located in Mississauga but these are the areas we service in the GTA