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Article - The home improvement experts at George Kent have a lot to look forward to in the next few months. From the earlier formation of an industry Buying Group (Enerview Windows & Doors), to the start of a new joint venture in the heating & air conditioning market (Kent Home Services) to the recent investment in a location in the new Improve Canada building, which will be opening later this year. View the full article here.

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Article - The warm, sultry temperatures of summer are coming and with them, a high energy bill! But using your air conditioner to cool your home doesn’t have to break the bank. eieihome.com spoke with Wayne Palmer, co-owner of George Kent Home Improvement, about ways to beat the heat without breaking your wallet. You can view the entire article here.

Article - Who are the people behind George Kent Home Improvements? Wayne Palmer has been in the window and door industry for over 40 years. Prior to working in the home improvement industry, he worked as the Ontario General Manager for Alcan Building Materials which is now known as Gentek Building Products. View the full article here.

Article - Window technology has changed significantly over the years. Wayne Palmer from George Kent Home Improvement in a recent interview with EiEiHome stated, “We love talking about the changes in the window industry because we were actually there 63 years ago and have watched the window industry evolve.” View the full article here.

Article - Like houses in many heritage towns – areas which seek to support and reclaim both the history and design artistry that speak of architectural eras gone by – a worn 1850s Georgian cottage sat in disrepair on Mill Street, in Milton, Ontario. View the full article here. 

Article - The simplest definition of a dream window is one that actually does everything you dreamt it would. Consumers decide to replace their windows for various reasons, but the primary factors are...View full article here.

Article - Window technology has changed significantly over the years. Wayne Palmer from George Kent Home Improvement is a recent interview with EIEI Home stated...View full article here.

Article - Does it seem like your home is having a bad hair day? It's probably time to give it a new style by replacing your roof with one that will make your neighbours green with envy. View full article here.

Article - With winter on its way theres no better time than now for homeowners to go through their maintenance checklist and check roof upkeep off the list. eieihome spoke to Wayne Palmer of...Read the full article here.

Article - Keeping your home warm and cozy during the winter months means ensuring your home is properly insulated. eieihome spoke to Wayne Palmer, coowner of George Kent Home improvement , who says proper insulation is the best way to prevent heat from escaping, ensuring residents are comfortable and heating costs don’t go through the roof. View full article here.

George Kent Celebrates 65 Years - Survival is the ultimate challenge for any new venture. But perhaps George Kent had a feeling that 1949 was going to be a good year when he opened the doors to his new business. Newfoundland joined the Confederation and the Leafs swept Detroit to win the Stanley Cup. Kent started the company a few years after returning from the war, having been in the Canadian Navy during WWII. He began his entrepreneurial career as a contractor, selling aluminum siding, storm windows and doors.. View full article here.

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