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Courtice’s Leading Roofing & Window Company

A house that you have called your home for years is very difficult to let go, especially if it has been your family’s property for generations. However, there might come a time when you would feel like it needs a lot of repairs done. The roof needs replacing, some of the windows are broken, and the insulation is really poor. You might feel frustrated and think that it might be better to just move to a new house. Before making a final decision though, you might want to see what Courtice’s top roofing and window company can do for you.

Everyone in Courtice and the neighbouring areas of Oshawa and Bowmanville knows that when it comes to home improvements, George Kent is a name they can really trust. From simple repairs to major home improvement projects, we provide the best solutions most homeowners look for. We offer premium products and superb installation and repair services for doors, windows, vinyl siding, installation, and roofing. For now, let’s talk about the top two concerns of people who live in houses that are a little aged – roofing and windows.

Reliable Roofing

The roof ranks high in the list of most important parts of the house. Good roofing means protection from harsh weather and safety for your family. You do not want poor quality materials for your roof. They may be cheaper and save you some today, but they will cost you a lot more in the long run. George Kent Home Improvements can provide you with the best products in the industry. We are best known for our tile, shingle, and flat roofing.

Because we offer a complete roof system installation service, our clients also get a full assessment of not only their roofs but their attics as well. We also ensure proper placement of leak barriers and roof deck protection, as well as optimize ventilation too. Our services come with lifetime warranty on labour and materials.

All our roofing projects are handled by factory-trained professionals – meaning they have undergone rigorous training from the manufacturers themselves, so they are the best people to install the roof on your house. Our men also have more than ten years of experience in this field. Because they know how important their client’s time is, they make it a point to clean their workspace after the job is done, leaving no mess for the homeowner to deal with.

George Kent is also a member of the prestigious Master Elite contractors, a group of experts that is made up of only two percent of roofing contractors in Canada. That is our proof that our men are not just like any other roofers in town. George Kent roofers represent high quality services.

Welcoming Windows

Windows can make or break the entire look of a house. Shiny and clean glass can give your home a fresh look while units with broken glass or even just dirty panes can make your house appear old and dingy. You want windows that welcome your guests with warmth. They should be inviting. Yet they should also serve their purpose well. Windows are there not only to make your house beautiful, but more so to give protection from harsh weather, insects, and even break-ins.

George Kent Home Improvements has a complete line of windows that would fit any style of house in Courtice. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs of glass too, to express your unique personality.

For window styles, we have casement windows that provide superior ventilation. We have awning windows that keep rain water away. Double hung windows allow easy maintenance. Single hung windows include screens that cover half of the windows. Sliding windows lend an energy-efficient option for you. We also offer single tilt and low maintenance sliders. Our custom-sized windows can be installed with casement, awning, and hung windows, or as a standalone. We also have custom pattern windows for more creative homeowners who want something more than the traditional ones.

George Kent also brings you Neat Glass – windows that are solar-activated and can break down dust and other particles for a cleaner surface. The laminated sound reduction feature of our windows provide 25% overall improvement in sound reduction – perfect for those who are in need of quiet and undisturbed rest. They also reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays entering your home.

Like our expert roofers, our installers are all Window Wise certified too. You can also ask them for a free assessment of your windows to make sure that you are given the best solution for your window concerns.

Whether you are in need of a window repair or a complete re-roofing, our team of professionals in Courtice is ready to deliver the best home improvement service you can ever imagine. Call us and get a free quote for your project! We can work together to make sure you keep your home for years and years to come. 

George Kent's head office is located in Mississauga but these are the areas we service in the GTA