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Burlington’s Best Roofing and Window Company

Nothing speaks more to guests about your personality than your home. It doesn’t mean your house should be grand and luxurious. It doesn’t mean a comfy cottage or bungalow would be frowned upon. It is more of how well-maintained the place is that says a lot about you.

Of course you do what you can for the upkeep of your home. However, there are factors that are beyond your control like the harsh weather, the age of your home, and the kind of materials used when the house was originally built. All of these contribute to the slow deterioration of some parts of your own.

What usually gets affected are your roofing and your windows. These two take the hard beating from strong winds and harsh elements. That’s why they are the first to require repair or replacement.

Is your house in need of some fixing? Have you been noticing signs of wear on your roof and windows? Then this is the best time to call in a professional to assess the condition of your home and provide you with the best solution for your situation. And if you are from Burlington, then you know that the only contractor to call is George Kent.

George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. has been providing excellent services and long lasting products to countless homeowners in Burlington since 1949. Our company has since handled 80,000 installations, and we keep counting.

Roofing is our expertise. George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. is known to be among the top two percent of contractors in Canada that are Master Elite Certified. That is more than enough proof of the remarkable quality we bring to the table. Our roofers are all factory trained and have more than ten years of experience handling both flat and shingle roofs. Because they are trained by the manufacturer, they know the products we use best and no other roofer can handle them better.

For the roofing itself, we use only the highest quality shingles in the market. GAF roofs are known to stand the test of time and exceed expectations. They are the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

When you choose to get a complete roofing system from George Kent, you will get leak barriers, roof deck protection, a full assessment of the attic and the roof, and proper insulation. You won’t have to worry about the mess that a roof replacement usually entails because our team will take care of all the messes and debris before we leave your house.

Another thing that we are good at is installing windows. Our installers are all Window Wise certified. But not because we install windows it means that we would always opt to replace yours. Our men are honest and reliable professionals and we do thorough inspections before we start any project. If we see that your windows can be saved by a few repairs, then we’d tell you your options. With George Kent Home Improvements you can be sure that our priority is your comfort and satisfaction.

If you decide to have your windows replaced though, of course we carry our own label called the Enerview which has all the great features you’d love to find in a window.  Some of them are the Fly Maze which will keep insects from coming into your home and the Neat Glass technology which allows the glass to clean itself using solar activation. They also come with primed jambs and casing trim, though you have the option to go with a vinyl trim package so you will never need to paint again.

Our windows come in different styles too. We have awning windows, casement windows, single and double hung windows, single tilt sliders, sliding windows, custom pattern and custom sized windows, and even beautiful Greenhouse windows. We also have bay and bow windows. You can choose from eight standard colours for the glass and you can also have ones with designs to show your creativity.

Unlike other contractors who can only provide warranty of five years tops, we offer lifetime warranty on both material and labour on original installations. That is a true testament of how much we believe in our products and services.

A home improvement project or a renovation does not always have to be a tedious and stressful process. Sometimes all it takes a call to one of the country’s best roofing and window companies – George Kent Home Improvements Ltd.

We do not believe that only large mansions deserve to be called beautiful because the beauty of a home also depends on how well you take care of your space and how well it protects your family in return. If you are from Burlington, make sure to call us to find out what else we can provide for your family and your very beautiful home. 

George Kent's head office is located in Mississauga but these are the areas we service in the GTA