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Best Roofing and Window Company in Brooklin

Have you ever had trouble maintaining your home? A house, no matter how big it is or where it is located will eventually need some repairing done. It could be simple like replacing a window pane. It could also be large-scale like a complete re-roofing project. If your house is not in its best shape, it is best to call a contractor who could fix everything for you. However, not all contractors can meet your standards. And sometimes, it might be a little discouraging when you think of how difficult it must be to find a roofing and window company that you can trust in Brooklin.

Well, we are here to prove you wrong. Getting the best roofing and window company in Brooklin is as easy as calling 1.800.668.5439! George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. is the only company to trust for any project you might have for your family’s home.

You have probably heard of our name from your family and friends. If their good words are not enough, then let’s take a quick look at our background. George Kent opened in 1949 and has gone on to be among the most reputable home improvement contractor in the GTA. 80,000 installations later countless homeowners still go to George Kent for any repairs their houses might require. With a reputation like ours, you can be sure that your project will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

Do your windows need fixing?

Other contractors might immediately suggest replacing your windows. In some cases that might be the best solution. For some though, it is completely unnecessary. Our reliable professionals will do a thorough inspection of your windows first, and see if simple repairs will do. You can be sure that we give honest assessments. After all, our goal is to client satisfaction. We will give you the options available for you and let you decide our next course of action.

If you decide to get new windows installed, you will not be disappointed by our products. With the latest innovations like Neat Glass which allows the glass to clean itself and Fly Maze which will keep insects from your home, you will surely love them. All our windows are Energy Star certified too. We also offer lifetime warranty for labour on all original installations. Our windows also carry lifetime glass breakage warranty, which none of our competitors can offer.

We have various styles available, including awning windows, bay windows, bow windows, sliders, and casement windows, among others. You can have custom windows too with the colour that you prefer to match your house’s exterior. You can request for glass with intricate designs too, to reflect your unique personality.

Our seasoned window installers are Window Wise certified – definitely the best people in the industry for you to have.

Is your roof leaking?

Leaking roofs are not only annoying. More often than not, having them fixed costs more than what is expected. Why? Because most of the time, what you thought was a simple leak turns out to be a really damaged component of your roofing system. Remember not because the leak is in the kitchen doesn’t mean that the damage is directly above the kitchen. To come up with the best solution, a thorough examination of your roof, as well as the attic, is necessary. When it comes to projects that involve roofing, one must never be hasty. You have to be sure what you’re getting is the best material, and more so, you want the assurance that your roofer knows what he’s doing.

George Kent Home Improvements Ltd.’s roofers are experts who definitely know what they’re doing. With a BBB A+ rating, and a Master Elite certification, George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. dispatches only the best workers in the industry.

Because of this exclusive status, we are able to provide all the roofs that we install with warranties that are backed up by GAF’s financial clout. We also assure you that we perform proper roofing process that includes the preparation, installation of leak barriers and underlayment, ventilation, flashing replacement, and the final cleanup. You heard right. You do not have to worry about any messes to deal with after the project is done. Because we are professionals who want our customers to have a remarkable experience with us, we make sure to leave every home we work on, spotless.

Aside from roofing and window installation, we also handle other small and big home improvement projects, like installing entryways, and replacing siding, among others. If you have anything that needs repair or replacement in your home, don’t hesitate to call George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. in Brooklin. It will be our pleasure to make sure that your home stays the best home it can ever be, and your family, safe and happy. 

George Kent's head office is located in Mississauga but these are the areas we service in the GTA