Quick Fixes for Those Annoying Noises Your Home is Making

Portrait of an attractive young man trying to sleep with a lot of noise while covering his ears with a pillow

So, you wake up one evening from a strange sound. You’re positive you hear some rattling from inside your walls and one or more of your doors are making a strange creaking sound. If you were in a horror movie, these are signs that you should immediately move out. In real life though, in a real home, that means there are some repairs to be done.


A house, regardless of its age, can make a lot of different noises. During a busy day with your entire family at home, those sounds may easily go unnoticed. It is when everyone is sleeping and the whole house is quiet that you begin to hear them. But which of those noises should you be concerned about? Here’s our list:


Screechy Scratchy

Do you sometimes think someone is behind your walls because you always hear some scratching sound? Well, it may be because there is – something instead of someone, though. It’s possible that there are rodents hiding in your ductwork and relaxing on your insulation. Before the little critter turns your home into its own nest, you should do something about it.


A good solution would be to call an exterminator, who can get address the situation efficiently. Make sure that you tightly seal up all holes and cracks. Leaving traps would also work.


Bothersome Banging

Things are banging behind your walls, and it’s not an imaginary carpenter. What is it then? It’s probably air pressure in your water pipes making that sound. This sound becomes more prominent when you turn a faucet on or flush a toilet. Don’t go listening for it near the faucet or the toilet because the actions can actually create a sound right under your bedroom. To deal with it, try turning off your water at the main and draining the lines. Doing so sort of resets the pipes and the water in it and eliminate the hammering sound, too.


Click-Clank, Click-Clank

These sounds are more bark than bite. Often they are not even serious enough to call in professionals. If you hear them during the cold months, they could be the sound of the ductwork expanding and contracting. If it’s during summer, it could be coming from the roof. If the noise is coming from the radiators, it could be there’s condensed steam and that could be fixed by bleeding the radiators.


Worrisome Whistling

A whistling sound can be indicative of a neglected air conditioning filter or furnace. When your filter gets dirty, it inhibits airflow. But since your system still needs to get air, it sucks from around the filter – thus the whistling sound. Another source could be your old windows, when the wind creates draft around them. Replace your windows with new energy-efficient George Kent Home Improvement windows to ultimately solve this problem.


Your house has a lot of components from different materials – concrete, wood, glass, and more. From that alone, you can expect the house to make strange sounds, right? So next time you hear one, don’t be scared! Find the source of the noise and fix it!


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