Learn About Termite Control

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Termites are one of the most destructive pests that we have to, unfortunately, deal with. They have an insatiable hunger for wood that if left unnoticed, can wreak havoc on our home and will cost us thousands of dollars in repair alone. These crawling creatures can cause major destruction to a structure in just six months and only two years to completely destroy a home. Fortunately, we can do something to prevent these pests from doing major catastrophe on our home for good.


The diet of termites mainly consists of cellulose which is an organic fiber that wood has plenty of and other plants as well. Once digested, this will give them the proper nutrients in order to survive. Now, let us talk about how we can control these crawling pests from wreaking destruction to our humble abode:


Soil Treatment

Subterranean termites live in the soil, hence their name. Termite treatments are used in the surrounding soil and its purpose is to act as a treatment barrier. A trench will be dug up around the target location and the soil will be treated with a termiticide. After which, the trench is refilled. This is a great way to prevent future termite infestations and it also kills any living termites in the house when they return to their nest.


Termite Baits

There are a number of baiting systems that are currently available on the market. You can directly place a termite bait underground just around the termites’ nest and they will die if they feed on the bait. Termite baits are really helpful especially where the structure cannot be treated with soil termiticides, or if someone in your family has a concern regarding pesticide use, termite bait is your best option.


Inspect Your House

Prevention is always key and keeping your house always in check is a great way to prevent further termite infestation. Check the exterior of your house such as your roof, since this can act as a portal to your home and is always at risk for termite damage. Check to see if you have broken tiles on your roof, this can create moisture and can attract termites. Do not neglect to check your windows as well. Its wooden frames may already have termites feasting on them. We suggest that you have a vinyl window replacement for vinyl does not attract termites at all. Your attic is always a prime location for termite activities. You can check if by pressing your thumb against the timber if it feels soft and spongey. If it is, then do not think twice about applying a termite treatment spray on the area to avoid further termite damage.


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