Great Ways to Dress a Window Without a Drape

Yellow and orange plastic beads curtain by the window

Getting window treatments to provide you with much-needed privacy can be tedious. For some, the task borders on boring. After all, how many options does one have for window treatments, right? Well, some may not know it but there are a lot of things you can actually do to liven up the look of your windows.


Let’s start by clearing this up – you do not have to cover your windows, especially if you enjoy looking out from your home. However, if you have a less than pleasant view, or privacy is really what you want to achieve, there are many options for you that do not fall into the categories of curtains and blinds!


Here are some excellent ideas for you:


Wooden Gate Window Covers

If you want to achieve that trendy shabby chic country feel in your home, you might want to try adding door frames. You can DIY a wooden gate window cover that you can open or close depending on your need.


Beaded Curtain

Okay, so this is still technically a curtain. But it is so far from the solid fabric ones that you are so used to. Beaded curtains can lend your space a cozy coastal ambience. However, note that this option does not provide you much privacy.


Mirror, Mirror

This one is perfect for windows in your bathroom. You can hang mirrors in front of your bathroom windows to provide you both with privacy and also, the best lighting for when you need to shave or do your makeup!


Thrift Store Doilies

If DIY projects are your thing, you can create dainty lace patches for your bedroom window easily by sewing together some thrift store doilies. There’s no need to find matching patterns. In fact, the more varied the doilies are, the better! You can also try dyeing each doily a different colour for a more fun look!


Statement Decals

Wall decals are such a big thing right now. You can find poems posted on living room walls, city skyline silhouettes on bedroom walls, and zoo animal stickers on nursery walls. Why not get creative with statement decals and stick them on your windows?  You can add extra punch to the whole picture by framing the windows with a bright colour.


These are just some of the top ideas we have on how you can make your windows look beautiful. Note, however, that you can only do so much with an old window. If it’s really looking old and battered, chances are it does not only look bad but it may also be failing to do its job. It may be time for you to replace your windows now! Check out George Kent Home Improvement’s array of windows. You can even customize yours! Call us today!

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