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How to Control Humidity for a Lower AC Bill

Young man switching on or adjusting the wall mounted air conditioner in the living room with a remote control

Humidity is something that some homeowners tend to overlook when in fact it actually matters than you probably believe it to. Find out how your current air conditioner could be letting you down and what solution is available for you to lessen future costs and improve your home life! Air conditioning has been too deeply … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Busy Homeowner

Spring is definitely here – a time for fresh starts and bright mornings. What better way to commemorate the season than by giving your home a deep clean, right? Spring-cleaning may seem like a daunting task for the busy homeowner but there are so many things you can do to make it a quick and … Read More

What To Do In Case Of A Blizzard

Being caught in a blizzard storm exposes you to a lot of dangerous weather elements that can pose a lot of threat to your safety. Knowing what to do during a storm will allow you to take the best course of action to protect yourself and your loved ones. Below are some safety measures you … Read More

Grow A Garden Indoors Year Round

grow a garden indoors year round -

We’re about to welcome in a new year, and with every new year comes the opportunity to make (lets not talk about break) an unrealistic list of resolutions. We have a strategy that will help you keep at least a few of those health-related promises on track. Aside from adding living decoration to your indoor … Read More

The Basics Of Fire Ratings

the basics of fire ratings -

If you’ve ever watched a permanently scowling Mike Holmes stalk through a prospective reno denouncing the previous contractors shoddy work, you might be familiar with fire ratings and how they pertain to the Canadian building code. The National Building Code of Canada defines fire-resistance ratings as: “the time in minutes or hours that a material … Read More

Build A Better Gingerbread House

build a better gingerbread house -

Now that the weather is turning a little bit colder, we’re turning our sights from building bigger, better, more energy efficient homes to a smaller, sounder, infinitely more tasty structure – the gingerbread house. (We may be tough guys but the holiday’s really bring out the kid in us.) Whether you’re a total novice or … Read More

In Design – Home Trends For 2016

home design trends 2016 - george kent

Design is always about form and function, but home design and build trends for 2016 really focus on liveable design that is also fun. From bright, bold colour to the natural touch, these trends veer away from the perfectly polished interiors we used to read about in magazines, and towards living spaces you could actually … Read More