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Which Siding Is Right for You?

The siding of your home does more than just sit there and look nice, it also serves many helpful functions. But what it is capable of doing is largely affected by the type of siding that you choose. While there are no options that you absolutely need to stay away from, there are types of … Read More

4 Myths About Vinyl Siding

Window of a private house on a background of beige siding.

Let us be fair: vinyl siding frequently gets a bad reputation. You may have already heard a couple of negative things about this flexible cladding material, but have you considered what are the facts and what is fiction? There will be advantages and disadvantages to any material, and vinyl siding is not an exception. Let … Read More

Vinyl Siding – Should You Go for It?

Window of a private house on a background of beige siding.

Lately, more and more home designers and homeowners are appreciating the beauty of vinyl, and for good reasons, too! Vinyl, a synthetic material, is engineered for both aesthetics and functionality. This also means that when you choose vinyl, you are not compromising functionality for beauty. When it comes to siding, however, you want something that … Read More

Properly Caring for Your Siding – How It is Done

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Has your siding been recently installed? If that is the case, then your home is probably looking better than it did before, and you have also increased its resale value – good going! Now, the next thing you want to do is to make sure that you maintain your new siding with proper and regular … Read More

What to Expect in House Siding Installation

Worker on a construction site in winter looks at the drawing and compares the work done

You might be looking for a reliable siding installation contractor, and that is what we are here for! For homeowners, it can be hard at times to find the right contactor that will handle your needs for home siding installation. If this is your first time that you will have your home’s siding replaced, you … Read More

Vinyl Siding: Why You Should Go for It

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It was in the late 1950s and the early 1960s when vinyl siding made its debut on Canadian homes. This was also the era when aluminum siding was the most popular choice. However, the earliest vinyl gained a bad reputation. Its inferior materials then had a tendency to sag and crack overtime.   Thanks to … Read More

The History of Vinyl Siding

Beige siding house exterior with covered porch and trimmed bushes in front. View of soft blue staircase with narrow walkway.

Over the years, the way a home looks have evolved so much. Much of it can be attributed to the ever-changing style and architectural design concept. Of course, we cannot discount the improvements we have seen in the kind of technology as well as the materials used to build a house. From the primitive materials … Read More

How to Pressure Wash Your Home’s Siding

Home owner taking care of his siding on his home.

It doesn’t matter what type of exterior your home has – over time, and without regular maintenance, it can get grimy. No worries! A pressure washer can restore your home’s exterior to its original beauty in no time at all. If you haven’t used one before, this post is perfect for you!   Here are … Read More

Five Signs Your Home Needs a New Siding

Large family home in a rural area.

  Here’s one for irony: the factors that make having home exterior siding a necessity are the same factors that cause its damage and deterioration in the long run. Yes, it’s true. You install siding to protect our homes from extreme heat and cold, harsh wind, strong rains, and more. These weather elements also threaten … Read More

How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Contractor cleaning algae and mold from vinyl siding of a customers home.

Vinyl siding is an excellent building material – durable, resilient, and versatile. It is because of these characteristics that it has become the leading exterior cladding in Canada and it’s not going to give up its throne anytime soon. While it doesn’t require your weekends for cleaning, it still deserves occasional care from you. Unfortunately, … Read More