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Retro Trends for Homes that are Making Their Way Back

Beautifully furnished conservatory

The good old days are finally here once more! We know that deep inside you do feel nostalgic when you think about the house where you grew up. And because style and design have a way of coming back, you can now recreate your old home’s ambience without feeling like you live in an outdated … Read More

Trending Home Upgrades for 2017

Urban apartment - cute girl's room with white furniture

  Do you love your home? You probably do, right? But that does not mean that every once in a while you feel like you need to make some changes or “upgrades” to make living there more comfortable. This will also make coming home from work every day something to really look forward to. Now, … Read More

Quick Fix: Home Improvement Projects that Take No Time to Finish

painter with helmet, gloves and mask painting ceiling with paint roller on wooden vintage ladder, bottom view

So, for the first time in a long time you have a free weekend! You look around the house and realize the place is looking drab. Naturally, you want to do something about it – something that could liven the place up! But because you have a very limited time, you are looking for something … Read More

Mistakes Homeowners Commit Every Fall

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

As the nights become longer and all you crave for is a relaxing weekend when you can just sit by the fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of something sweet, it is very easy to forget that your home, too, needs some TLC before winter really kicks in. Taking care of necessary maintenance jobs while … Read More

Ways Your DIY Fixes Do More Harm Than Good

Woman throwing up her hands in defeat

Most homeowners try the DIY approach when it comes to home improvement projects or they want to fix things immediately. While it is true that a lot of home maintenance projects are not cheap, sometimes, in your attempt to repair something that is way beyond your skills or knowledge, you end up doing more harm … Read More

Ways You Might Turn Off a Home Buyer

Black and white King Charles Cavalier looking out of a glass window in the door

Selling your current property can both be exciting and overwhelming. However, homeowners should really be careful about the changes they make in their properties or how they act as the smallest blunders could easily turn buyers off. Here are some ways you might be doing it unknowingly:   Covering Your Hardwood Floors with Carpet Hardwood … Read More