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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Insulation?

Everyone in colder climates knows how important having insulation is to keep a house at a comfortable temperature all year round, without sending your heating bill through the roof. However, some people are not aware that simply having insulation is not a guarantee that it is going to do a good job retaining a high … Read More

How to NOT Over-Capitalize on Home Improvements

Planned renovation of a Open modern kitchen from loft with view on a lush garden

For most homeowners, home additions, extensions and renovations are all about making the home they love even more perfect. The cost of those home improvements is important, and some people have to be sure first that they can afford the changes they are planning on making, or they repay any extra finance they take on. … Read More

Roofing 101: Why You Should Hire the Right Experts

Roofer builder worker dismantling roof shingles

Because you wouldn’t expect your roofer to do a lousy job when it comes to installing your home’s roofing, it is only fair that you do not cut corners when it comes to looking for the right contractor as well. A responsible homeowner would take measures to ensure that they hire people from a company … Read More

Trending Home Upgrades for 2017

Urban apartment - cute girl's room with white furniture

  Do you love your home? You probably do, right? But that does not mean that every once in a while you feel like you need to make some changes or “upgrades” to make living there more comfortable. This will also make coming home from work every day something to really look forward to. Now, … Read More

Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Contractor

a construction safety inspector with safety goggles and a hard hat inspecting a jobsite

When you are just about ready to push through with a home renovation project, one of the toughest parts would be choosing the right contractor. This is especially so if your family is recommending one but your colleagues swear by another. Having the right one could mean a very successful job but the wrong one … Read More

Know your Rights About Estimates and Contracts for Home Renovations

When you are having work done on your property, make sure you protect yourself. You need to know your rights about estimates and contracts for home renovations. This important information will make the process run more smoothly. Before you Hire a Contractor for Home Renovations Make sure you get more than one estimate for the … Read More

FAQs About Central Air Conditioners

As soon as warm weather season starts, we get a number of questions about keeping a house cool and comfortable. Many of our customers seem to be wondering about similar issues. Here is a list of FAQs about central air conditioners.   FAQs About Central Air Conditioners Q.  How do I know what size air … Read More