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Eco-Friendly Living: How It Can Be Done

Green eco house environmental background in field for future residential building plot

Most of us want to treat Mother Earth a little better, but sometimes, doing so can cost a lot of money, and can be a bit challenging. You should not give up just yet – it turns out the some of the most impactful and effective ways to be more environmentally-friendly do not require any … Read More

What You Should Know about the Enerview Neat® Glass

Bouquet of rose flowers near window with curtain

If you are still one of those homeowners who is required to climb a ladder just for you to be able to clean your windows, then you clearly have not heard of Enerview Neat® glass yet. Thanks to advanced technology and experts who keep finding ways to make things easier for every homeowner, there are … Read More

Have Your Exterior Doors Look Their Best All-Year Round

Front elevation of luxury home in evening

When was the last time you took a good look at your exterior doors? Due to busy schedules or other reasons, you might not think too much about caring for your front door, right? You walk through it and lock it, so what is there to worry about? Well… exterior doors, like any other product … Read More

Clean Your Gutters Right!

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

Gutters are like your home’s unsung heroes, protecting its foundations, doors, windows, and siding from getting damaged during a rainstorm. They even help prevent basement floods! But for them to be able to do their noble job, you, as a homeowner should also perform your duty and clear your gutters of all the leaves and … Read More

How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Contractor cleaning algae and mold from vinyl siding of a customers home.

Vinyl siding is an excellent building material – durable, resilient, and versatile. It is because of these characteristics that it has become the leading exterior cladding in Canada and it’s not going to give up its throne anytime soon. While it doesn’t require your weekends for cleaning, it still deserves occasional care from you. Unfortunately, … Read More

Mistakes Homeowners Commit Every Fall

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

As the nights become longer and all you crave for is a relaxing weekend when you can just sit by the fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of something sweet, it is very easy to forget that your home, too, needs some TLC before winter really kicks in. Taking care of necessary maintenance jobs while … Read More

Roofing Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Marple leaves in gutter, fall time

Before heavy winter ice and snow kick in, it is important that you are assured of the safety of your family. One of the things you can do is to check the state of your roof.  Doing some maintenance work during the fall is a great way to keep it in top condition.   Here … Read More

Ways You Might Turn Off a Home Buyer

Black and white King Charles Cavalier looking out of a glass window in the door

Selling your current property can both be exciting and overwhelming. However, homeowners should really be careful about the changes they make in their properties or how they act as the smallest blunders could easily turn buyers off. Here are some ways you might be doing it unknowingly:   Covering Your Hardwood Floors with Carpet Hardwood … Read More

Signs Your Roofing Has Had It!

Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

Because your roof is exposed to the harshest of weather elements, normal wear and tears are unavoidable. When we allow these wear and tears to progress, we are signing up for irreversible and costly damages that could have otherwise been prevented. Given its location, it is easy to ignore your roof. Taking the time to … Read More

How To Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Keeping up the appearance of a perfect house and home can be exhausting. Mowing the lawn, washing windows, replacing broken or missing shingles, clearing out eavestroughs, repaving cracked driveways – your list of chores is already endless without adding “clean vinyl siding” to the mix. Easy to maintain and easy to repair, it’s easy to … Read More