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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Insulation?

Everyone in colder climates knows how important having insulation is to keep a house at a comfortable temperature all year round, without sending your heating bill through the roof. However, some people are not aware that simply having insulation is not a guarantee that it is going to do a good job retaining a high … Read More

How to Lower Heating Costs with the Right Insulation

Unfortunately, a common issue that many homeowners face is a high heating bill in an effort to keep their house at a comfortable temperature. Or, they end up living through cold winter nights as they try to keep their heating bill down to a reasonable price. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this which … Read More

Roofing Ventilation & Its Importance

You may already be aware that almost all roofs and attics are vented nowadays. Might be that you have seen a fan from the side of your attic, or perhaps you may have noticed that ridge-cap at the top of your roof. However, what you might not know is that the majority of homes do … Read More

Attic Insulation: Why It is Important

house attic insulation - construction worker installing rock wool in mansard wall

If you want to lower your energy bills and if you want to make your home more green, then you should prioritize having your attic insulated by professionals from George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. You might not think about it so much but the attic is one of the easiest places to add insulation to … Read More

Top Home Improvement Projects to Welcome 2017

Do it yourself home improvement and renovation concept, work table top view with work tools and draft project, top view

There’s something about a new year that makes homeowners want to take a look around their home and do some changes. It’s like there is a vibe that says it’s time for improvements and your home should not be left behind. The choice of which home improvement project for this year, however, proves to be … Read More

When is the Best Time to Insulate your Attic?

Choosing to spend money upgrading the insulation of your home will end up lowering your energy costs. For a number of homeowners, the best time to insulate your attic may be in conjunction with another home renovation project. You may not want to invest money into this type of project separately to save money on … Read More

Best Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Money

Are you interested in upgrading your home but aren’t sure what the best energy upgrades for your money are? A good place to start is looking at the exterior of your property and making sure that it is properly sealed and insulated. It will help to keep your energy consumption costs down, which will provide … Read More

How to Check your Home for Air Leaks

Does your home feel a bit drafty in some spots? Not only do they feel uncomfortable, but the chill will cost you money on your energy bills. The last thing you want is for warm air to be leaking out of your home during the colder months of the year or cooler air to be … Read More

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation offers a number of benefits to homeowners, and if you are considering putting an addition onto your home, are planning a new construction project, or simply looking for ways to lower your energy costs, there are good reasons to choose spray foam insulation.   How Spray Foam Works Polyurethane foam can be … Read More

Adding Insulation to your Attic a Smart Way to Save Energy

As Canadians, we are all too familiar with cold weather and the high cost of keeping our homes warm. Having the right type of home insulation products can help you to keep your home environment more comfortable and save money. Of course, you will want to make sure that you choose the right insulation for … Read More