Big Ideas for a Small Room

Bright small cozy room with sophisticated decorations

Anyone who says a small space doesn’t need much planning obviously never had to worry about one. But those of us who do have to think of it know how much planning and consideration goes to making a small space work.


Here are some amazing ways you can transform your tiny space:

  1. If working with limited space, then it might be best to think of how the room can multi-function. For example, you can also use your bedroom as your office space. Choosing the right kind of furniture can help you achieve this.


  1. Does your small room have a hall space that you can’t find a function for? Take advantage of this barren space by adding a few shelves that you can use to store books and other items that would otherwise be eating up space in your main rooms.


  1. Make use of those empty corners in the room by installing corner shelves. Just make sure they’re high enough that you don’t hit your head (especially if you have a couch directly under) but you can still reach the items you place on those shelves.


  1. Place mirrors strategically in the room. Mirrors reflect light and if done correctly can easily lend the appearance of a much larger room.


  1. Let as much light in as you can. Install windows that fit they style of your home. George Kent Home Improvements has an array of world-class windows that come in a variety of styles. They can be customized to your liking, too!


  1. Paint your walls a beautiful light colour. Light walls really can make small rooms appear bigger than they really are. If you want to add an element of fun, you can do that by accessorizing with bright ornaments. Be careful not to overdo your decoration as doing so can give you a room that looks cramped.



  1. Get the right size of furniture! We know how easy it is to be drawn to furniture pieces that you think can store more of your things. However, you should try to choose ones that are smaller and lower so as to give you a clear headroom and an airy ambience.

Like with everything else, thinking out of the box (no matter how small that box is) can give you results that you can really be proud of. Making the most of a small room is no different. We hope the ideas we have listed down for you can help you!


If you’re planning on taking on other home improvements, give George Kent Home Improvements a call. We are glad to help you achieve the kind of home that you deserve!


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