Awesome Tricks to Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

High ceilings are undoubtedly an appealing characteristic to have in your home. Not only are high ceilings attractive to the eye, but they also provide us with a better feeling of freedom within our own house. The majority of us, however, are not able to pick the loft spaces of our dreams. So if you are considering to make your ceilings look a bit higher than what it is right now, then read and follow our guide below that lists essential things that you need to do in order to give your walls the boost that they need.

Dazzling Colours

If you believe that your area is somewhat cramped, then changing your colour style and pattern should be taken into consideration. Dark colours, particularly taupe and beiges, can make an area feel overly cramped. Take a brighter colour—like light grey, an ivory, or maybe a semi-gloss white—to give the room an airier and loftier vibe.

Hang Your Curtains High

Making your ceilings look higher than they really are is not going to be a one-step process. It is usually a mixture of visual tricks that generates the height’s illusion. Most of the time, curtains are an essential component to do the trick. We recommend to buy curtains that are slightly longer than what your windows are sized for, and then drape them a couple of inches above your window.

Bring Down Some Walls

Bringing down extra walls in your home is actually one of the most effective remodelling technique to make your ceiling look higher—well short of literally raising the roof of course. This is not precisely like a weekend do-it-yourself project, but it should make your space appear more broad or expansive.

Hang Your Chandelier Slightly Higher

Chandeliers are a perfect way to put a room together. If you hang them too low, however, they can give the room an enclosed, overly cramped feeling. If you currently have a chandelier or plan on purchasing and installing one, hang it a couple of inches higher than you normally would. Like what we talked about curtains earlier, a slightly higher chandelier will typically draw someone’s vision upward.

Consider Lowering Your Furniture

In addition to drawing someone’s vision upward, one of the simplest ways to make your ceiling look higher is to consider having low-profile furniture. For example, having a low-riding cognac-leather couch can definitely do the trick.

Have Bigger Windows

A window renovation proved to be another remodel project that could effectively change the perceived height of your ceiling. Aim for the tallest windows as much as possible. They should bring more light into your home, and accentuate the height of your ceiling.

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