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Roofing Tips New Homeowners Should Know

Owning a home can bring a good deal of pleasure, however, the responsibilities can be somehow scary for first-time homeowners. Among the biggest responsibilities is making sure that the roof above your head is in good form and properly preserved. Although it might seem like a great deal of work, here are a few simple … Read More

Roofing Ventilation & Its Importance

You may already be aware that almost all roofs and attics are vented nowadays. Might be that you have seen a fan from the side of your attic, or perhaps you may have noticed that ridge-cap at the top of your roof. However, what you might not know is that the majority of homes do … Read More

Keep Birds Out of Your Gutters with These Tips

It is quite common to see birds nesting inside dryer vents nowadays. While this has become a typical issue, from our experience as homeowners, it is not the only spot where these pesky birds manage to nest. Their other favourite spot that you should be aware of is gutters. Almost all types of birds, including … Read More