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Is Your Door Really Welcoming?

Front residence entrance with a classic design. The door has a large brass knocker and mail slot. Horizontal shot.

Your front door has a lot of responsibilities – among them is making sure that it’s making the right first impression. Yes, your door has a lot to do with how welcome your guests would feel when they pay you a visit. You probably can recall times when you have visited someone’s house and felt … Read More

Why We All Love Vinyl Siding

Large family home in a rural area.

A lot can be said about your home’s interior and the maintenance it receives simply by looking at the condition and style of the exterior. Homeowners are now presented with an array of options for finishes – wood, cement, stucco, and vinyl is just some examples. Because you already know how challenging it is to … Read More

Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

conservatory next to house

Your home is your nest. It’s where you build and raise your family, where you celebrate every holiday and big success in your life, where you relax after a day of work, and for most of us, where a big chunk of your money goes to. Yes, we understand how big an investment a home … Read More

What Style of Window Fits Your Home?

Beautiful young mother sitting on window sill with her cute little daughter looking out of window

These days, you can find windows in all shapes and sizes. There are also variations in structure, glass, and opening mechanisms. For example, traditionally, windows are either casement (side-hinged) or sliding. Now there are new opening mechanisms like pivot and friction hinges which are gaining popularity, too. The materials have also changed. Replacement windows for … Read More

All You Need to Know About Insulation

Worker Spraying Expandable Foam Insulation between Wall Studs

Not all homeowners spend time thinking what’s behind their home’s walls. Now, that is a shame, given the important role proper insulation plays in achieving a healthy and comfortable home. Aside from making sure your home is warm enough for the cold Canadian winter and cool enough for the hot summer, insulation can lower your … Read More