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Trending Home Upgrades for 2017

Urban apartment - cute girl's room with white furniture

  Do you love your home? You probably do, right? But that does not mean that every once in a while you feel like you need to make some changes or “upgrades” to make living there more comfortable. This will also make coming home from work every day something to really look forward to. Now, … Read More

Must-Do Projects for DIYers

Affectionate couple painting together a room in their new house

So, you are a DIY aficionado and you can’t wait to unleash your talent in your home. But you are worried that the projects you are considering are too big for you. We understand. It can be a bit scary knowing that you can easily mess up and then spend a lot of money trying … Read More

Features to Look for in Your Front Door

traditional house, with mail slot and white paint, soft light

Replacing front doors is one of the top home improvement projects that homeowners take on because of its many benefits. It’s no wonder! Firstly, it instantly gives your façade an instant lift. Additionally, if you got the right kind of door, it can improve your home’s energy efficiency and give comfort and security to your … Read More

How Clogged Gutters Destroy Your Home

Man Clearing Leaves From Guttering Of House

Your home’s gutters are not at the top of your priorities, we know. In fact, most homeowners tend to totally neglect them. The reason may be unintentional and just because they are not always in your line of sight so you forget about them. It is also possible that you are really avoiding your gutters … Read More

Emergencies You Should Know How to Handle

water leaking from hole in a hose

When it comes to owning and maintaining a home, one thing is for sure – one way or another, things can always go wrong. Taking good care of your home can help prevent most mishaps. But in case some do happen, you need to be prepared so you can keep them from getting out of … Read More