Monthly Archives: December 2016

Replacing Old Drafty Windows to Keep Warm This Winter

Are drafts bothering you? The temperature outside is dropping, and having leaky windows means you should be prepared to have the interior of your home freezing, as well. Aside from that, that only means you’re wasting a lot of your money intended for heating when heat is obviously seeping out from your home. So what … Read More

Quick Fix: Home Improvement Projects that Take No Time to Finish

painter with helmet, gloves and mask painting ceiling with paint roller on wooden vintage ladder, bottom view

So, for the first time in a long time you have a free weekend! You look around the house and realize the place is looking drab. Naturally, you want to do something about it – something that could liven the place up! But because you have a very limited time, you are looking for something … Read More

Replacement Doors to Welcome Carolers


Are you excited about the holidays? One of the things we look forward to every Christmas is the happy singing of carolers who stand in front of our house and share their holiday spirit. But are you worried that your front door is too worn out to look cheery and welcoming to the carolers? If … Read More