Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ways Your DIY Fixes Do More Harm Than Good

Woman throwing up her hands in defeat

Most homeowners try the DIY approach when it comes to home improvement projects or they want to fix things immediately. While it is true that a lot of home maintenance projects are not cheap, sometimes, in your attempt to repair something that is way beyond your skills or knowledge, you end up doing more harm … Read More

Cleaning How-To: Exterior Siding

Worker using a high pressure brush to clean algae and mold from vinyl siding of a customers home.

Your home’s exterior siding is something that you depend on not to demand too much upkeep from you. But like any other feature or part of your house it would still require a little preventative maintenance. Doing so can extend your siding for around 50 years or so. Now that is worth a little effort, … Read More

Handyman Tip: Replacing Doorknobs

Door installation, worker Installs door knob, woodworker hands close-up.

You may have had a couple of failed DIY home repair projects before. That is why whenever there is something that needs a little fixing at home, you hesitate. It is true that there are projects that are better left to professionals. But there are also a lot of little repair tasks that you can … Read More

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

man performing spray foam insulation

A lot of homeowners tend to overlook the option of using spray foam insulation in their homes because they fear it is going to cost too much and would require too much commitment. However, we believe that if everyone knows just how beneficial spray foam insulation can be for homes and families, it would not … Read More