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How to Keep Your Windows in Tiptop Shape

glass veranda

Your windows are exposed to elements like wind, rain, and pollution every single day. These cause accumulated dirt. While dirt should not be able to damage your windows, cleaning them will certainly help prolong their life and keep them looking their best, too.   Self-cleaning glass of course will be the easiest to maintain and … Read More

Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Contractor

a construction safety inspector with safety goggles and a hard hat inspecting a jobsite

When you are just about ready to push through with a home renovation project, one of the toughest parts would be choosing the right contractor. This is especially so if your family is recommending one but your colleagues swear by another. Having the right one could mean a very successful job but the wrong one … Read More

Benefits of Quality Insulation

Builder Fitting Insulation Into Roof Of New Home

When someone mentions the word “insulation”, things like warm woolen mittens and heavy winter coats come to our mind – that, and of course a working system at home to keep the cold out.   That is not surprising because most people associate “insulation” with the idea of keeping warm during the cold seasons. But … Read More

How You Can Avoid the Biggest Roofing Disasters

Man Collecting Water In basin From Ceiling. Ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ceiling .

Your home’s roofing is also its first line of defense against any harm, especially those caused by harsh elements of nature. These may be heavy rains, strong winds, and thick snow, among others. As a responsible home owner, you should thoroughly inspect your roof ever spring – both from the inside and out. Because, while … Read More