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Your 2016 Home Improvement Resolutions

2016 new year resolutions

With 2016 mere days away, while we know you aren’t sitting around and twiddling your thumbs, trying to think of the resolutions you’ll make for the year ahead. Though we encourage healthy habits and a clean lifestyle choices, we challenge you to consider something new. Instead of pledging to drop pounds or quit smoking, why not … Read More

Grow A Garden Indoors Year Round

grow a garden indoors year round -

We’re about to welcome in a new year, and with every new year comes the opportunity to make (lets not talk about break) an unrealistic list of resolutions. We have a strategy that will help you keep at least a few of those health-related promises on track. Aside from adding living decoration to your indoor … Read More

The Basics Of Fire Ratings

the basics of fire ratings -

If you’ve ever watched a permanently scowling Mike Holmes stalk through a prospective reno denouncing the previous contractors shoddy work, you might be familiar with fire ratings and how they pertain to the Canadian building code. The National Building Code of Canada defines fire-resistance ratings as: “the time in minutes or hours that a material … Read More

Build A Better Gingerbread House

build a better gingerbread house -

Now that the weather is turning a little bit colder, we’re turning our sights from building bigger, better, more energy efficient homes to a smaller, sounder, infinitely more tasty structure – the gingerbread house. (We may be tough guys but the holiday’s really bring out the kid in us.) Whether you’re a total novice or … Read More

Your Canadian Winter Home Preparedness Kit

first aid kit

Although the signs suggest Southern Ontario is about to enjoy a relatively mild winter (compared to years past), it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for every eventuality. The saying, “better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it,” can relate to jackets, sweaters, blankets, canned goods potable water, … Read More