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Get To These Home Repairs Before The Winter Gets To You

get to these repairs before winter gets to you - george kent

It’s officially autumn, which means we’re just a few short weeks (or days, if this short summer was any indication to how long our fall will be) away from facing the harsh, cold reality of winter. Do you know what that means? You’ve kicked back and relaxed for a little while but now it’s time … Read More

I’m Freezing! Why Your House May Be Letting In The Cold

why your house may be letting in the cold - george kent

Fall has hit Ontario with a vengeance and we don’t know about you but we’ve already broken out our comfy socks and sweaters. Though there’s something to be said for spending chilly evenings sat around a warm fire and sipping on hot chocolate, there’s nothing fun about trying to live in a house that’s cold … Read More

Taking Care Of Your Hot Water Radiator System

Take care of your hot water radiator - george kent

Radiators add charm and character to a room but these often ancient systems require a lot of maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. In Canadian homes you are most likely to find two types of hot water heating systems: hot air (forced air) or hot water heating systems (hydronic). The vast majority of homes … Read More

Go Green Or Go Home: 5 Tips To More Eco-Friendly Living

tips to a green household - george kent

From the food we eat to transportation, our society is more focused on making earth-conscious decisions than ever before. But you don’t have to do all of your grocery shopping at the farmer’s market or use only sustainable, up-cycled products to get on-board. A few simple changes around the house and your home will be … Read More

Smart Home Technology You Shouldn’t Live Without

smart home technology you shouldn't live without - geroge kent

Remember when “The Clapper” was considered ahead of its time? To be able to turn off the lights from anywhere in the house with the simple motion of your hand(s) – genius! Time saving and practical (unless, of course, you love clapping), one might consider The Clapper to be the early ancestor of today’s increasingly … Read More