Monthly Archives: September 2015

How the City of Toronto Can Help You Renovate

There are a lot of great benefits to living in the city of Toronto. There’s great food, great culture, great people, and great sports teams. Well, there are great sports teams some of the time. One of the benefits you may not know about are the programs and incentives the city offers for making improvements … Read More

Understanding Insulation

Installation of Insulation is one of the best and most cost-effective improvements you can make for your home. Insulation reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can save you money by reducing the energy needs of furnaces and air conditioners. Making sure the areas between your walls and the outside world, and even your inside … Read More

Winterize your Cottage

Cottages are an Ontario tradition. Good times and good weather, surrounded by friends and family with fun on the water and barbecues cooking up treats all hours of the day and evening. It’d be nice for cottage season to last year round, but alas, this is Ontario so that means it’s only a matter of … Read More

How to Insulate Windows in an Older Home

If your older home seems like it’s letting in too much of the outside cold in winter it probably is. The main culprit is likely the windows. On a cold windy day, if there’s a draft, you’ll be able to feel it coming in with just your hand. The problem usually comes with age catching … Read More

Tax Credits for Home Renos & How You Can Apply

Home renovation increases the value of your home while also raising your quality of life – a cost-effective duo if ever there was one. Still, renovations can be an expensive proposition so looking for ways to mitigate that cost is always a good idea. Thankfully for certain situations the government offers tax breaks and other … Read More