Monthly Archives: July 2015

How To Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Keeping up the appearance of a perfect house and home can be exhausting. Mowing the lawn, washing windows, replacing broken or missing shingles, clearing out eavestroughs, repaving cracked driveways – your list of chores is already endless without adding “clean vinyl siding” to the mix. Easy to maintain and easy to repair, it’s easy to … Read More

NEAT Glass – What It Is & Why It’s Neat!

Clean the windows? Don’t you wish you could say, “I don’t do that.”? Well, now you can, if you install NEAT Glass – windows that practically clean themselves! NEAT® Glass is a patented coating that comes standard with every George Kent window installation. The coating, applied at the time of manufacture, is activated by ultra … Read More

Home Safe Home – Top 5 Products For Peace Of Mind

Did you know that in Canada, a residential break-in occurs every 90 seconds? A sobering fact, to say the least. While there have been marked decreases in nation-wide in occurrences of police reported breaking and entering and robbery, the fact remains that your home and family are still at risk of being targeted by criminals. … Read More

Ivy – Country Classic Or Clinging Nuisance?

Ivy lends any home touch of old English charm, but while this creeping vine may look distinguished, its invasive root structure can cause serious damage to materials not strong or solid enough to handle the intrusion. A recent Oxford University three-year study concluded that ivy’s leafy web actually acts as a “thermal shield” that insulates … Read More

Help, My Roof Is Leaking! – What To Do & When To Call The Pros

There’s a dark side to fair summer weather – heavy storm clouds, often when we least expect them, that bring torrential rain falls and wreak havoc on vacation plans, roadways, and roofs. While having a leak doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a roof replacement in your future, some leaks warrant more urgent attention than others. … Read More