Monthly Archives: October 2014

11 Ways to Prepare your Home for Winter

Cold temperatures will be here before you know it, and taking the time now to prepare your home for winter will pay off in the months to come. You’ll have the advantage of being able to keep your home warm, cozy and safe, as well as keeping your energy bills down. How to Prepare your … Read More

What to Ask Before You Hire a Toronto Roofing Contractor

Getting your roof repaired or replaced is a big job and you want to make sure that it is done right. Once you have determined exactly what you want done and have an idea of your budget, you need to start looking for a Toronto roofing contractor to do the work for you. Before you … Read More

4 Signs that You Need Replacement Windows

Your home is not only the place where you live, but it’s also an investment. Keeping it well maintained means you will be able to get a much higher price if you ever decide to sell it. New  replacement windows with insulated glass will add to its value and help you to save on your … Read More

Will Installing Energy Efficient Windows Really Save me Money?

If you are considering buying energy efficient windows for your home and you are wondering whether they will really save you money, the answer to the question is, “Yes.”Windows do not consume energy in the same way that an appliance does, but that doesn’t mean that they are not responsible for your home losing energy. … Read More